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Double Bubble Universe

Dr. Katya Walter recently presented two papers at the 20th international conference of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences.
Abstracts are available at this link:

Newton's discoveries carried classical mechanics right up to the 20th century. But at the start of the 20th century, it got swallowed whole by a new, larger “standard model of particles” initiated by Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and others. Over the 20th century, a "standard model of cosmology" also began developing.

Yet now these two standard models of physics are choking on new, unaccountable data. Accelerating expansion of space? Dark matter?  Dark energy? What is going on with this universe? Whatever comes along next must swallow the standard models whole within a theory that is even more comprehensive and useful.

The theory of physics that you'll see here requires a really big gulp…even all the way to metaphysics. It describes a new mathematical way to look at the shape of our fractal double bubble universe—based on the Lorenz Attractor modeland our own place in it. We investigate it in physics and metaphysics to find out where they coincide in consciousness.

In physics…this TOE posits that bifurcation and period doubling made a master code. It built a fractal pattern that generated a double bubble shape of giant conjoined twins.

Regard the twins of the double bubble universe. Above the Planck level, we have the bubble of familiar 3D space and the arrow of time. It holds "normal" matter and energy. But a strange, complementary domain exists below the Planck level. Its bubble is a hidden reversing mirror image of 3D time and an arrow of space. It holds antimatter and tachyonic energy.

Yes, our everyday world above the Planck level has spacetime. Its spacetime trident has three tines of space and a handle of time. But the mirror domain below the Planck level has a timespace trident with 3 dimensions of time & an arrow of space. This reversing-mirror reciprocity can be explained by mathematics & the inversion laws of physics.

Between the two domains at the Planck level is an interface with unique space and time scaling. It holds many tiny mobic loops of warped 2D x 2D spacetime. The "two sides" of each mobic loop  are polarized to carry beats of graviton data across the two Lorenz oscillator basins of data. Each tiny mobic loop is thus a mobic Lorenz attractor—or mactor.

Scientist, here think of the upper twin as one bubble or basin of a Lorenz attractor. It has three ODEs (or Ordinary Differential Equations) that build 3D space! But its arrow of time is only half of a dimension! Really…all of our space dimensions have a to and fro. However, the time arrow has a to but no fro. It cannot backtrack.

What of that other bubble below the Planck level?— Its three ODEs build its 3D time, while its arrow of space is also just half a dimension! Thus each bubble has a dimensional arrow that is only 1/2 of the single polarized needle that is playing across both bubbles. This is the strange attractor in the giant Lorenz oscillator that is our double bubble universe. It turns our universe into a giant Lorenz attractor caught in a Klein bottle. We live in a Kleiniverse that generates the fractal emergence of ongoing reality across both bubbles.

The interface between the two bubbles is right at the Planck level. Between the conjoined twin bubbles, the many mobic loops open multitudinous tiny doorways at every particle/wave. Each tiny constantly reorienting loop on its infinite path of  emits the graininess of quanta. Each loop holds 2D space x 2D time…or 2DD spacetime, for short. This constant oscillating dynamic knits the two giant domains together.

This makes 11 dimensions in all. How so? The Planck level region itself holds 4 dimensions of mobic space and time. Each bubble holds 3 and 1/2 dimensions. The two trident handles together form a 1D needle. The 1D needle plays across both domains. One end is polarized into an arrow of time in the upper domain. The other end is polarized into an arrow of space in the lower domain. This forms the strange attractor of our universal Lorenz oscillator. Thus we live in a Klein bottle universe built by nonlinear fractal chaos.

This setup provides the 11 dimensions favored by most superstring theories. But look, these dimensions are not just theoretical variables added to unify forces in Kaluza-Klein style. They are three cooperating subsets, and unlike most string theories, here each set contains both space and time!

This series explores the fractal structure of gravitons. It suggests how gravitons build space & time dimensions in both bubbles of the double bubble and maintain the continually emergent ongoing reality. That dynamic doesn't occur in other TOES.

In metaphysics…this TOE says that below the Planck level, its bubble of 3D time holds a vast unified mind. That universal mind is powered by tachyonic energy. The tachyonic cloudbank of this vast unified mind stores fractal patterning of the past, present, and future. It also stores the resonances of what we are…our patterns known in various cultures as archetypes, souls, ascended masters, and so on. It holds the individual patterns of our own psyches and interacts with us to update us, body and mind. But mostly we are not conscious of that going on.

Awake, we know only the domain above the Planck level. Our many tiny, diversified mini-minds above the Planck level communicate with it sometimes. We tap into its messages beyond the ego's limits…usually in dreams, meditation, remote viewing, channeling, and other altered states of consciousness. Our mini-minds can even travel within its larger cloudbank of stored data more consciously. Cultures call this tapping into the Akashic record, the collective unconscious, the Oversoul, remote viewing, and so on.

The ancients called this ability to tap into awareness beyond time, space, and even the grave an evidence of psyche—the Greek word for "soul." As "souls" we exist in fractal patterns that can live on after physical death in our material body, stored within that vast tachyonic cloudbank below the Planck level in universal mind itself.

Often these tiny psychic patterns stored within the universal mind reiterate as an other version again into physical form. It creates yet another cycle of iteration in a physical body. Why? The process puts an aspect of mind back into matter to temper and test it even more. The ancients called these cycling fractal iterations of evolving mind by the term of reincarnations.

The great unified mind of the lower domain makes this massive exploration of mind embodied in matter
in the upper domain to facilitate communication between the two bubbles, and to expand the total scope of awareness  within the universe itself. Thus, this TOE explores consciousness itself.

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