“I find the Double Bubble Universe the most promising of all the TOEs being proposed
currently. It involves a new topological model spanning all levels of reality and “deep-see
diving” into fractal pattern recognition. It answers far-reaching questions such as ‘How did
our universe begin?’ and ‘How are telepathy and remote viewing possible?’
“This model deserves careful reading by the best minds of our time.”
Oliver Markley, Ph.D., Prof. Emeritus of Human Sciences & Future Studies

Katya Walter


Katya Walter has a Ph.D. with an interdisciplinary emphasis from the University of Texas at Austin. She did five years of post-doctoral work at the Jung Institute of Zurich, plus a year of post-doctoral work in China.

Dr. Walter taught in colleges and universities in the USA and abroad for 16 years before focusing on writing and lecturing. She has published in the areas of chaos theory, cosmology, dream work, social criticism, and poetry. Currently she writes and sees clients in Austin, Texas.


…an unexpected, startling dream took Dr. Walter into the origin of our universe and the underlying master code that generated it. She became intrigued by dreams rising from the larger unconscious that can bring extraordinary inspiration.

Over more than 35 years now, Dr. Walter has been developing a model of cosmology (a Theory of Everything or TOE) to explain a fractal, holographic universe that includes consciousness. It was presented at the 20th international conference of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences.

The TOE described in this series of books integrates physics and metaphysics. It says a master code generated our living universe as a giant organism that we do not yet recognize scientifically. Our own genetic code was templated off its master code as a lesser fractal variant.

…is apparent in the DNA that created our bodies, and even in the gravitational master code that generated and maintains space, time, matter, and energy in this living universe.

The series also discusses what that means for us as conscious participants.

This new paradigm embraces East and West to unite our planet. It heals the West’s 2,500 year split between mind and matter.

Called in Germany a philosopher queen of the global village, Dr. Katya Walter…
…“merges left-brain accuracy with right-brain vision! Scientific truth speaks in a clear
voice of wisdom.”

Claus Claussen in Neues Denken und Handeln

Katya Walter, Ph.D., takes you into the Double Bubble Universe

In the Double Bubble universe, we live in the familiar upper bubble. It has 3D space, an arrow of time, the known pole of gravity, and all the original matter and energy created at the Big Bang. Many little organisms, including us, live in this upper bubble’s 3D space, with our tiny, diverse bodies and walkabout minds evolving on the arrow of time.

But the universe’s mirror-twin bubble hides far below the quantum scale. It has 3D time, an arrow of space, plus the “lost” pole of gravity and “lost” original antimatter created at the Big Bang. Due to immense pressure in that other bubble’s space arrow, the original antimatter got compress-converted into speedy tachyonic energy. It powers a single, huge, unified mind spread throughout its 3D time.

The universe’s two bubbles are conjoined, mirror-reversed twins, so they exhibit reciprocal features of space, time, matter, and energy. Together, the two huge bubbles stretch far above and below the ultra-tiny mobic scale, exchanging information constantly at their porous membrane interface.

Through the membrane’s pores, the huge, unified mind in that other bubble patiently constructed—rather like building a ship in a bottle—the grand layout in our own familiar bubble that we call Mother Nature.

Body and mind, we are a part of the Double Bubble universe, and finally, of the Grand Organizing Design that is bigger than all the universes. Some would call it God.



In Volume 1, Dr. Katya Walter agrees with Dutch physicist Erik Verlinde that the universe emerged via information. She proposes that far below the quantum scale, a fractal master code used 0 and 1 in both linear binary and polarized analog modes to generate the universe’s four primals of space, time, matter, and energy. They are a polarized pair of pairs.

The master code templated some lesser fractal variants. To generate us, the genetic code also uses a polarized pair of pairs: DNA’s four molecules of T, C, A, and G. China’s ancient I Ching math has four bigrams, another polarized pair of pairs, and can shorthand the genetic code. Together, all three scripts give us a Rosetta Stone. The two known codes can help us decipher the deeper master code.



In the second volume, Dr. Walter sets out the fractal foundation for a master code that generated the universe. She traces modern genetic code and ancient I Ching shorthand to a common root in chaos theory. She shows that the underlying paradigm involves both physics and metaphysics. Along with scientific concepts, Dr. Walter also examines philosophical parallels and recounts events inspiring the series.

“The author takes an informative stroll through the chaos garden as she explores its profound central theme, approaching it from three distinct vistas: I Ching, chaos theory, and genetic code. This sight-seeing tour is designed to render each path fascinating yet familiar"

Claus Claussen in Neues Denken und Handeln



In the third volume, Dr. Walter shows how mind and matter meet in the genetic code, which shares an underlying paradigm with ancient China’s I Ching, said to follow universal mind in nature’s way of the Tao.

Correlating the genetic code with the I Ching shorthand of yin and yang provides a Rosetta Stone to decode the unknown master code of gravitation that generated our universe. This TOE shows how the genetic code and I Ching shorthand are fractal variants of the foundational master code itself.

On a lighter note, Dr. Walter even includes some genetic code-based designs for rugs, bedspreads, and tiling!




In the fourth volume, Dr. Walter shows how our Double Bubble universe is a giant organism that some might call Gaia. A single, unified mind in the 3D time bubble and our many, tiny minds in this 3D space bubble work together to shape events in the evolution of this universe.

The unified mind in the other bubble’s 3D time communicates with us via dreams, meditation, trance, psychic healing, precognition flashes, and other altered states. It is known to us by many names: the Tao, Over-Soul, Akashic record, collective unconscious. Some call it God, but the Grand Organizing Design is greater than all the universes.

“I can’t decide if this is fact, sci-fi, or psi-phy. Whatever, it is truly fascinating. A brain gym of possibilities!”

Frank Patterson, aerospace engineer




In the fifth volume, Dr. Katya Walter describes how the master code grows on a polarized bifurcation tree that established dimensional latticing. This universal p-tree is truly the tree of life. It is rooted at the deepest level of universal creation. Its roots and branches hold the polarized pulsing of the master code that established the building blocks of universal creation.

The master code is based on a co-chaos paradigm of analinear math established in the roots and branches of a tree of life planted at the deepest level of universal structure. Its fruit is this universe itself.

Dr. Walter uses the simple polarized math of the I Ching shorthand to describe how polarized pulsing at the mobic membrane interface between the two conjoined, mirror-twin bubbles projects its dimensional latticing that holds the ever-emergent solution of universal reality.

Dr. Walter also discusses how she developed and trained her intuition to go “deep-see diving” into the universal mind in the other bubble’s 3D time.




In the sixth volume, Dr. Katya Walter examines how universal inflation happened according to this TOE. Since both huge bubbles of the Double Bubble universe sit at opposite ends of the sizing spectrum for space and time, the two bubbles actually exist inside each other. Thus we live in a “kleiniverse” with reciprocal scaling for space, time, matter, and energy.

Dr. Walter also describes how, when the current spawn of myriad universes began, 13 other proto-universes entered our own cosmegg’s hot “soup pot” right at its startup. Those proto-universes added some useful traits that gave the original cosmegg some advantages it would not otherwise possess. One of those would-be universes helped generate the geometry of space and time. Another proto-universe actuated the cosmegg’s teleological drive toward the goal of survival.

Those additions to our universal soup pot enabled the cosmegg to mature and exist as it does today, with the two bubbles of this Double Bubble universe stitched together by a tiny proto-universe that used timed spacing to bond together both bubbles via a membrane interface.



Simply brilliant! And I mean that literally. The clearest explanations are the least complex, and Dr. Walter has managed to take ideas from advanced physics, express them simply, then turn around and analyze the physics to present a clear, simple, and straightforward new paradigm for how the universe works.

This is the simplest physics book I’ve ever read, because of Walter’s brilliant use of language that makes these complex concepts entirely understandable. The interweaving of her ‘journey-to-the-aha’ adds a profound metaphysical understanding of how our universe works from the inside out. You won’t regret buying this book.

Anne Beversdorf

New Project (36)

The author of this extraordinary book has a rare combination of qualities: an astonishing depth of vision and a genuine modesty. Double Bubble Universe…is exploring Katya Walter’s theory of everything (TOE). A TOE is the Holy Grail of modern physics. A theory that reconciles the billiard-ball predictability of Newton’s Laws with the mysterious goings-on at the Quantum level.

Dr. Walter’s book proposes that Physics is blind to another domain in the universe which she describes clearly and patiently with easy-to-grasp imagery…the book really gets you thinking. In a book of this scope, it’s very refreshing to find that the author has a gentle, conversational style and an open-minded approach towards the reader.

For example, she writes “Consider this a journey into possibility. I don’t mind if you treat this as science fiction, science fact, an amusing tale…or purely just diverting balderdash…take it as you will and let it take you where it will.”

…where it leads is to the I Ching, the ancient Chinese oracle that, according to Katya Walter, has: “unique fractal shorthand in a coded way that can merge physics and metaphysics.” Extensively referenced and full of diagrams—I really enjoyed this book and I’m looking forward to the next one in the series.

Mick Frankel
I Ching consultant-London, UK

New Project (36)

“This is the best book on this topic I’ve read and I’ve read a lot of them. Solid research on the science end without claiming unproven conclusions. The author simply explains her own TOE which she presents in a logical easy to understand manner. I appreciate her ability to speak to both the spiritual and scientific audience. Very thought provoking."

Winnie Hiller

New Project (36)

“Are you smarter than a fifth grader?” Better yet, can you bring the clarity of a child’s fresh perspective to a Theory of Everything (TOE) that reinterprets standard physics data to reveal a stunningly new and elegantly symmetrical model? If you can, then this book’s for you.

Dr. Katya Walter shakes the foundations of currently accepted concepts about physics, metaphysics, and the nature of consciousness. She offers a comprehensive exploration of the way fractal chaos theory forms the underlying structural dynamic that creates and allows for the ongoing evolution of both mind and matter. She also addresses the relationship of mind and matter - physically, spiritually, and philosophically - in ways not previously presented elsewhere.

This seems like a good place to mention that no weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth are required when reading this book…it is well written in a way that is comprehensible to a general audience as well as for scientists.

If you can set aside any skepticism and/or preconceived notions long enough to allow lucid consideration of the concepts she proffers here, you may be the first on your block to recognize her Theory of Everything as the dawn of the brightest new paradigm since Newton.

Brenda Kennedy

New Project (36)

My guess is that your natural reader would be a non-scientist who wants to put science and philosophy together in a coherent mental image.

David Booth, Ph.D.
Mathematician,  Inventor

New Project (36)

I think Katya Walter is a genius in that she can translate her right brain insights into left brain analysis with striking correlations and patient explanations. In this book, she’s drawing on all her others to outline a sort of unifying theory of everything. Her discovery of the primordial pattern embedded in every level of creation, the “Master Code,” is as significant as it sounds. Drawing on her first book, “The Tao of Chaos,” she explains that this fractal pattern is originally created by the two primal pairs of opposites: space and time; matter and energy.

She then follows the natural implications of that pattern to assert that there is a mirror opposite universe to ours of one-half dimensional space and three dimensional time. In her theory the missing or hidden parts of the pattern that we observe in physics (for example, the “arrow of time”) are found in that mirror universe that she calls, The Double Bubble Universe.”

Yeah, the “theory of everything” is a big assertion. Katya Walter’s ideas are brave and bold- and impossible to prove. But, as a metaphysicist, she can’t wait for the astro and nuclear physicists to catch up. Her books are sort of a field guide to physical reality for modern-day mystics. She explains her ideas through the models of biochemistry, a little math, geometry, and what she calls “the shorthand of the I Ching.” She also includes her personal thoughts and dreams with her careful explanations of mathematics and physics. I’ll admit, the mix takes getting used to. Yes, it’s weird- but worth it!

Like any genius, the author is unconventional and eccentric, which could cause some people not to take her seriously. That would be a mistake, as a careful reading reveals an extremely intelligent and logical woman who asks the right questions. She simply doesn’t stop asking, and may go a lot farther than most people are comfortable with, given that we may never have scientific proof for any of this.

But, in this era of string theory which proposes many additional unknown dimensions, I wish the physicists would read her books. She could point them in the right direction, and may even save them some time with her simple and elegant theory of everything.

Erin Rose
Yoga Teacher &  holistic Health Therapist

New Project (36)

Dr. Katya Walter’s book Double Bubble Universe unites cutting-edge scientific research with her own inner ‘deep see diving’. She accomplishes the incredible feat of inciting a paradigm- shift in the reader (to the realization that a love-intelligence underlies and pervades the physical universe), bringing her TOE to life! (unlike any other TOE I’ve read). Quantum mechanics, a physics of cold dead space, births ‘quantum organics,’ a science of the fractal aliveness of the universe!

Dr. Walter skillfully creates an enjoyable, light read—provocative, funny, and digestible, dealing with perhaps the ‘heaviest’ topic of all—the structure and meaning of the creation and evolution of the universe. Read this book to witness the wedding of science and heart— watch how every whirling particle spins in the same wind as love’s art! Who knows what could bubble up?!?

Peter Craig
MA, Licensed Professional Counselor

New Project (36)

Katya Walter is that rare writer who can merge so-called opposing systems, like science and metaphysics. For me, with a PhD in Literature and Communication, and a serious teacher of A Course In Miracles, and having had spiritual experiences myself, I am so grateful that she brings it all together, so I no longer have to wonder if I should trust those marvellous “intuitive” experiences enough to share them with others, without fear of ridicule. Just read Katya Walter if you think this is not possible. Thanks, Katya. We need you.

Helen Bonner, Ph.D.

New Project (36)

I highly recommend this book for those who believe the current scientific paradigm is incomplete,and are looking for new explanations to fill the gaps. The Double Bubble Universe is a space-time, matter-energy, symmetry explanation of the physical universe. It introduces a scientific explanation of the physical laws of the universe with 20 questions.

Written in layman’s terms, Katya Walter’s book encompasses the melding of Science and Metaphysics in which she intersperses and interweaves a personal dream with frontier science. Katya’s writing skills are extensive and second to none, coining phrases that are truly inspired and unique.

Don Switlick
Institute for  Neuroscience &  Consciousness Studies

New Project (36)

Replete with deep scientific insights that answer previously unanswerable questions yet accessible to lay readers, Katya Walter’s book offers the most comprehensive and useful T.O.E. ever. Comprehensive in that it not only explains reality from subatomic levels to the most macro perspectives, but it also links the physical and the spiritual and connects the evolution of the universe to the evolution of consciousness. Useful in that its elegant explanation of physical reality has implications that naturally lead one to contemplate how to live one’s life more effortlessly and authentically. I highly recommend this book to all those truly thirsting to understand everything.

Kevin Blackwell
Stocks &  Bonds Analyst

New Project (36)

What an interesting and inspiring writer…interesting scientifically and inspiring metaphysically! I have traveled widely, but never on a roller coaster of dimensionality before! It makes Flatland look—well, flat.

Quantum organics reveals how space, time, matter, and energy mirror aspects of our DNA. And the author’s take on what animals think is shockingly possible! You’ll never regret picking up this series and reading it. It will take your mind to new places, and it will lift your soul along the way.

Lynn Hayden
Consultant, Singapore Institute of Management

New Project (36)

I cannot emphasize enough how much I love this book. It makes the most current information about quantum physics into a conversation that can span the thinking styles of both scientists and spiritists. Katya is a dedicated dreamer, and a receiver of concrete knowledge in frontier quantum physics. There should be no separation of physics and metaphysics. There should be fluency and grace and relation to both subjects.

This book achieves an understandable explanation of our human experience of dimensionality, and of our fractal nature. She proposes a new Theory of Everything (T.O.E.) If you want the most original elegant synopsis of our existence, which uncovers the mysterious forces of nature (including gravity) and therefore our consciousness, buy this book.

You will have an “Aha” moment, and then you will be with me, saying, “Every life-student should be so lucky to have been exposed to Katya Walter. Reading Double Bubble Universe is like being in Einstein’s living room.”

Jennifer J. Colbert

New Project (36)

Have you ever wondered why we (human species), considering that which most concur is ineffable, continue effing it up? I’ve always thought having minds dead set on figuring things out in combination with phenomenon that exceed our ability to do so could be called ‘God’s dirty trick.’ Dr. Walter has taken just such issues and playfully made a case worthy of consideration while mercifully maintaining the topic’s ultimate ineffability. I found myself intellectually giggling throughout this read. Her consideration of the I Ching and our DNA alone is worth the purchase of her books.


New Project (36)

I have read several other TOE books…the latest being Tom Campbell’s My Big TOE. Wanted to read this one and see what new perspectives were explored. Was pleased to find that BOTH books stand on their own, and each adds new information without contradicting the other!! (So this is a “Must Read”!)

Great visual-inducing analogies and metaphors. Enjoyed reading about her personal background,leading to development of this book.

Descriptive down-to-earth language, even tho, on occasion, I have to look up a word in the dictionary!…which means you learn new concepts and words as you go…. The subject matter covers questions we all ask at one time or another…and the answers are creative and original…makes you think and gives perspective.

Hyphenated, descriptive words are used where needed, supporting the requirement for “hyphenated sciences” and new words to explain some of the more ephemeral aspects of mind and consciousness. Very insightful, creative application of recently-discovered fractal phenomena to explain its basic principles to everything in the universe. Plenty of references and web sites for the reader who wishes to explore further.

James Beal, Ph.D.
Aerospace &  Electrical Engineer

New Project (36)

“Katya Walter’s series starting with the Double Bubble Universe integrates immense questions and insightful answers about the cosmos. She uses data, analogies, graphs, images, and stories that resolve together into one bubbling statement. A must read….”

Rowena Pattee Kryder, Ph.D.
Dynamics &  Foundations of Co- Creation

New Project (36)

I can remember as a child the excitement of my sisters and I rushing downstairs on Christmas morning to discover with delight what Santa had brought for each of us. I think we always got what we had asked for and more.

Then one by one each of us would rush back upstairs into my parent’s bedroom, and in breathless glee tell them what Santa had brought this year. I remember overhearing my sisters expressions of delight as, one by one, they described in great detail each gift they had found waiting for them.

Reading Katya Walter describe her discoveries of sense and soul on her long journey to understand an amazing dream that had visited her one special night is like listening to the awe-filled reporting to my parents each Christmas morning as a young boy. Is it science fiction, fantasy, perhaps even a new paradigm of understanding of The Way Life Is for all of us? The author gladly leaves that conclusion up to you the reader.

There is no guile in this woman. Absent is the ego and self serving hubris often found in dogmatic presentations of an author’s pet model of the world.

I had to slow down my reading often in trying to keep up with the science, but I surfed on wind and wave as Dr. Walter opened up a vast new panorama of the spirit for me.

She wisely alternates the chapters between the hardness of math and science with the very intimate warmth and courage of sharing her personal experiences and reflections.

I am now reading volume 2 of this series and continue to find it to be a real treat and an education as well.

I highly enthusiastically recommend this wonder-ful book!


New Project (36)
Dr Katya Walter gave me insights I could not have gained on my own. I have had private sessions with her and she helped me interpret my dreams by explaining what my subconscious was trying to tell me. Her dream explanations helped me understand my dreams and how to work with my dreams. I also attended her dream work group meetings and witnessed how she helped group members. She is a genius and she interprets dreams better than anyone. I highly recommend her for dream work.

Paulina Wheeler,
Austin, Texas IT Consultant

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