It proposed that planet Earth is a single living entity. It exhibits the properties of communication, coordination, and common purpose. The scientific hypothesis was verified by many well-documented studies, and it was adopted in numerous life and earth system sciences, as well as in general systems study.

By now, many scientists agree that every organism on Earth is closely integrated into the supersystem of a single, self-regulating, holistic network.

Much data suggests that the globe of Earth is a living system that includes its magnetic poles, dirt, rocks oceans, atmosphere, plants, animals, fish, birds, and insects…with all of it communicating and responsive at some level, coordinating changes as needed to keep its bioenergetics going.

This TOE proposes that our universe itself is alive, and we are living inside it. Think of us as something like smart, self-aware bacteria living inside the universal body…except relatively speaking, we are far smaller than bacteria inside a human body.


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If it is impossible for you to imagine that something so large and diverse as the universe could actually be alive…

…at least toy with the notion that the universe is an integrated living system. Further, that it functions via polarized gravitational pulses operating at the ultra-tiny mobic scale, which is even more fundamental and fine-grained than the tiny quantum scale…and unfortunately, even the quantum scale is already too small for science to see directly into it.

Even contemplating the quantum scale required a revolution in thought to expand the range of science-just one more revolution among many.

In 1900, Planck studied the color changes in photons coming from a blackbody (an object absorbing and emitting all light frequencies). Planck was astounded to find that as the temperature went up or down, photons gained or lost energy in fixed units or chunks.

Planck named those quantifiable units the quanta at the quantum scale, from Latin quantum for “how much.”


Planck discovered the tiny scale where matter and energy emerge into existence. But the fact that energy emerged in specific, discrete units went contrary to everything that physics then considered possible.

Planck wondered how such weirdness could even be true…and said he’d probably never understand or embrace all the revolutionary implications of what he had just discovered.

Consider how the cosmegg emerged into existence in the “nothing” around it. At the ultra-tiny mobic scale, the cosmic egg (or cosmegg) worked to develop a fractal master code of gravitation that generated the universe using a polarized pair of pairs-the space-time pair and the matter-energy pair. The space-time pair came first. How did their dimensionality develop?

…the cosmegg generated positive and negative pulsing at the mobic scale. This on-offpulsing marked the point coming into and out of sheer being. Each on pulse established its intermittent point of 0DD space-time information.

How did dimensionality develop? The cosmegg generated positive and negative pulsing at the mobic scale-a mere off-on pulsing that marked going in and out of sheer being. Its on pulses established an intermittent point of 0DD space and time.


The tension between both points sketched a 1DD line of space-time dimensionality.

…the cosmegg sketched a single 2DD triangle.


The triangle had two faces-a 2D space face and a 2D time face. Its two faces were complementary, polarized opposites. (Imagine it as rather like a coin that you could flip to heads or tails.)

…the cosmegg sketched four 2DD triangles connected in a 3DD tetrahedron.


The tetrahedron had two 3D volumes-inner 3D time and outer 3D space. It was 3DD!

The four swiftly-sketched, constantly-reiterating 2DD planes that formed the 3DD tetrahedron could remain at the ultra-tiny mobic scale, but the two volumes could not manifest there…

…so the 3D space volume projected above the mobic scale, while the 3D time volume projected below it. Together those two volumes formed a single hourglass cell of dimensionality projecting far above and below the mobic scale. And along their corners vectored 3 arrows of time-or space.


Upon achieving such success with one hourglass cell, the cosmegg instantly replicated it into many hourglass cells of dimensionality. They all merged holographically, ballooning outward. Current science calls that event inflation.


However, the inflation blew not one, but two huge, mirror-twin bubbles. They are conjoined, mirror-image twins, connected by a mobic membrane interface at the ultra-tiny mobic scale.

The master code emitted polarized triplets of gravitational pulsing from the mobic pores of the mobic scale membrane. They pair-bonded into 64 basic 6-packs of gravitational tension that established the dimensional latticing of each conjoined, mirror-twin bubble of either 3D space or 3D time.

NOTE: In this TOE, space carries matter and time carries energy. Space and time are the two containers, and matter and energy are the two contents. Taken together, they act as a polarized pair of pairs. They are polarized such that space carries matter and time carries energy in both bubbles.

…3D space, an arrow of time, and one pole of gravitation. It holds all the original matter and energy established at creation.

In this upper bubble, many species of organic life are sprinkled across its expansive 3D space. All the little material bodies carry individual, portable mini-minds.


…3D time, an arrow of space, and the “lost” pole of gravitation. It holds all the original antimatter that science termed “lost” at creation…but the narrow arrow of space in that other bubble long ago compress-converted all its antimatter into tachyonic energy.

A single, vast, unified mind spreads throughout the 3D time of that other bubble. It is powered by swift tachyonic energy moving faster than the speed of light squared.

Both conjoined bubbles exist together as a single living system. They communicate and coordinate across the membrane interface to common purpose within the Double Bubble’s universal body, which is alive.

The great mind in that other bubble constantly updates its vast cloudbank of data, including information about what goes on in this upper bubble we inhabit. Its constellations of tachyonic energy are far more sophisticated than the meager energy displays appearing here in our own upper bubble, since energy up here is confined to the thin arrow of time.

Throughout human history, aspects of that great unified mind in the lower bubble have pinged our own tiny minds in this upper bubble. Fractal resonances embedded in the master code let us tap into relevant sectors of that great mind’s information when altered states take us beyond the human ego’s limits into the collective unconscious.

During the 20th century, one relevant sector in its tachyonic cloudbank brought about the discovery of the genetic code.

How so?

It’s because the gravitational master code is so fail-safe that the Double Bubble universe could foster its own evolution by iterating many lesser fractal variants of that master code at different scales.

To generate us, the genetic code also used a polarized pair of pairs: DNA’s ThymineAdenine pair and Cytosine-Guanine pair. Its variant of the master code allowed polarized triplets of molecules to pair-bond into 64 basic 6-packs along each DNA double helix.

… can shorthand the genetic code in both its DNA and RNA versions. Ancient China’s I Ching’s easy, polarized math allows yin and yang to express a far more sophisticated shorthand than regular physics or genetics notation allows.

For instance, its notation allows triplets of polarized lines to pair-bond into 64 polarized 6-packs that can succinctly shorthand DNA’s 64 molecular 6-packs.

The I Ching math can even shorthand the 64 basic 6-packs of gravitational pulsing that are emitted from the mobic membrane at the mobic scale to create dimensional latticing.

In each system, the 64 basic 6-packs can relate in analog, relational resonances and meanwhile also count in linear, binary numbers. Its both-and number processing develops a special, specific kind of nonlinear math that I call analinear.

8-DNA-Hexagram 59

For example, here is a specific 6-pack of molecules formed by two DNA codons. It correlates with a specific hexagram 6-pack of lines formed by two I Ching trigrams.

Our psyches also have fractal patterning in resonance with the Grand Organizing Design, so when we go below the ego level, we can tap into its larger patterning. We do that mostly at night in dreams.

But we also consciously perceive its systematic flow as an invisible organizing force operating in the observable patterns that we call Mother Nature, archetypes, mythology, memes, morphogenetic fields, Tao, Over-Soul, collective unconscious, Akashic records, synchronicity, premonitions, telepathy, remote viewing, meditation, trance, psychic healing, precognition, collective unconscious, noosphere, divine plan…and other names, too.

We can access this invisible support by noticing what Carl Jung called synchronicity, by employing what ancient China called the Tao (systematically tapping into it with I Ching algorithms), or by using whatever helps us to recognize and respect the greater mind that is cultivating itself by cultivating us.


The single great mind in the lower bubble of 3D time and our many tiny minds in this upper bubble of 3D space work together to shape events in the evolution of our universe.

Some people might suppose that the vast, universal mind spread throughout the other bubble’s 3D time is God. However, it is only the universal mind, alive in its universal body.

There are myriad other universes beyond this Double Bubble, with all of them tuned again and again toward the greater goal of union with a creator larger than all the universes put together. All of them are enlisted in the evolution of the Grand Organizing Design that we humans inadequately call God.

Even as entropy would seem to be the destiny of the physical body of this Double Bubble universe, negentropy is the thrust of its evolving consciousness. This universe’s longterm goal is to know and be known in all its parts, to realize Self and Other by developing its capacity to the fullest degree possible, given its parameters.

Sure. How? Meditation. Dreams. Prayer. Nature. And in other ways, too. As a supremely aware virtuoso in the art of possible futures, the giant unified mind in that 3D time bubble communicates across the mobic scale interface with our own diverse mini-minds to further events in this 3D space bubble.

For instance, individuals in our sciences, arts, talents, and hobbies have often become inspired by a fluke of illumination that seemed to arrive “out of the blue” or “from nowhere.” It happens whenever we tune into a wavelength of creativity beyond our own individual capacity.


We unconsciously draw upon greater mind when “out of the blue” several different people around the globe manage to tune into the same new invention, scientific insight, or even a musical tune at more or less the same time, and thus meanwhile stimulating humanity’s cultural evolution of consciousness.

We can learn to communicate with that great mind more consciously, we little organic beings who walk around on soil and pontificate about life’s events and hardly notice that our universe itself is alive and sentient, nor even that our own planet is alive and responsive…

…even though what we call Mother Nature in this 3D space bubble shows such intelligence in its clever organization of events tweaking for life…for suns and planets, for animals and plants tuned to the day and night, to nutrients and locations, to wind and rainfall…tweaking in diverse environments for life itself in all its various forms and needs and will to exist.

How wonderful is this rich, teeming, microbiome we live in-this planet Earth with its supportive gravitation, atmosphere, soil, water, and so many kinds of organisms. All of this sustains us. How lucky we are to flourish here!


They viewed the ability to tap into an awareness beyond ordinary consciousness and even beyond the grave as evidence of psyche-the Greek word for soul.

This TOE says we humans have ongoing souls. Universal mind in the 3D time bubble allows some of the more evolved species sprinkled here and there throughout our upper bubble of 3D space to iterate their ongoing souls repeatedly by manifesting again and again in new physical forms.

Each new lifetime creates another cycle of that soul’s physical existence in a material body, iterating in fractal variations over lifetime after lifetime. All those successive lives are strung upon a deeper thread of awareness that is stored within the vast tachyonic cloudbank.

The universal mind puts that soul back into matter again and again to test and refine its essence even more. Its thread links each physical death in another material body, and all the soul’s individual lives are strung upon it like a necklace of pearls, well or poorly-formed in life after life, effort upon effort.

Those fractal iterations of an evolving mind in an evolving body are what the ancients called reincarnation.

The great unified mind in the lower bubble uses reincarnation to explore ways to increase consciousness and communication between both huge bubbles. You are I are part of the universe’s effort to expand its own awareness of itself, and even of what lies beyond itself.


…toward more awareness of being embedded in the Grand Organizing Design, yet meanwhile keeping our own individual ego identities intact. That feat will take some juggling for a while, but it will bring us gradually into a broader, more spiritual perspective on our journey through life.

We in this 3D space bubble will start to access greater wisdom hidden in that 3D time bubble below the mobic scale in new ways that permit both kinds of cosmology, physical and metaphysical, to support each other instead of militating against each other.

We will realize that an integrated psyche coaxes its conscious and unconscious knowings to work together, not remain split in strife against each other. That realization can shape a better destiny for us all beyond this glittering, noisy, frantic trap of self-destruction that so many of us are presently crafting for ourselves, our species, our Earth.

Why not dive down below the daily superficial froth that scintillates greasily for our attention…to find the treasure that when opened, reveals the Grand Organizing Design?