Master Code


the Master Code


It is based on a fundamental paradigm of fractal co-chaos at the ultra-tiny mobic scale. At that scale, polarized gravitational pulsing generated and projected the hologram of our Double Bubble universe. The core paradigm that made DNA a double helix is also what made our universe a double bubble.

In this scientific age, wouldn’t it be ironic to find that gravitation can only be explained by stretching our viewpoint wide enough to include both mind and matter? Even wider, to include both bubbles of a Double Bubble universe?

Wouldn’t it be startling to realize the genetic code that grew us is based on a more fundamental master code that grew the universe itself? Moreover, even discover that both codes are fractal variants of a co-chaos paradigm?

More shocking still, even recognize that those two codes can both be shorthanded by a third variant, the ancient math of the I Ching?

WE’LL USE SCIENTIFIC, PHILOSOPHICAL, AND SPIRITUAL WAYS… look at the shape and momentum of this Double Bubble universe and our place in it. We’ll follow a trail of clues into the place where mind and matter, science and spirit quit dueling to join hands in a deeper agreement below their apparent contradictions.

This series says our universe was generated by a fractal master code using a polarized pair of pairs: the four great primals of space, time, matter, and energy.

The master code that grew our universe templated some lesser fractal variants, including the genetic code that grew us. It likewise used a polarized pair of pairs: the four DNA molecules of Thymine, Cytosine, Guanine, and Adenine…or for short, T, C, A, and G.

Remarkably, the master code that generated our universe and the DNA variant that generated us can both be shorthanded by the I Ching’s easy math figures, which also use a polarized pair of pairs: the four bigrams of stable yin, stable yang, changing yin, and changing yang.

Bigrams morph

Ancient Chinese mystics said the I Ching’s easy, succinct math has an algorithm that reveals the universal mind operating in the way of the Tao.


We can shorthand the genetic code with the I Ching math figures. Then the two known scripts (genetic and mathematical) can help us decipher the Rosetta Stone’s cryptic third script, that hidden master code of polarized gravitational pulsing at the ultra-tiny scale that generated and still maintains this holographic universe.

All three codes are based on an underlying co-chaos paradigm. It grows on a bifurcation tree that is both doubled and polarized. Thus it is a dp-tree.

The dp-tree’s forks sequence in linear, binary, 0/1 counting. But they also vibrate in the analog relationships of -1/+1 polarity. This merger of number functions provides the unique nonlinear math that I call analinear. It develops 8 × 8 = 64 different 6-packs of polarized cochaos patterning.

This universal tree is truly the tree of life. It is rooted at the deepest level of creation. Its branches and roots hold the graviton code that generated the four great primals of space, time, matter, and energy—the building blocks of universal creation. This great tree’s fruit is the universe itself.



It is a bifurcation tree that has been polarized and doubled to have both branches and roots. This dp-tree delivers two sets of 8 trigrams that sit in different but related domains.

In each domain, the 8 trigrams count in binary from 0 through 7 at the third level of bifurcation above and below the 0-point origin—one set of trigrams above, the other set below. Yet all the trigrams also vibrate across both domains in the analog relationships of -1 and +1 polarity.

This dp-tree’s merger of analog and linear functions in this and several other ways is what develops analinear math…a special kind of nonlinearity that is unique to this paradigm.

To find out more about the special kind of nonlinearity unique to the master code paradigm of co-chaos patterning—which I call analinear math—read the GENETICS page, the CODE DESIGNS page, and the CHAOS THEORY page on this website.

…on the dp-tree, each pathway upward or downward from the 0-point origin describes a vertical period 3 window—or for short, a vp3.

Each vp3 describes a chaos pattern, and each domain of the tree holds 8 different vp3s… i.e., 8 different chaos patterns.

A vp3 can be described mathematically by a trigram. In a trigram, each polarized line represents its own wavelength or “note” of resonance. All three levels together become something like a chord in an octave of energetic possibility.

All 8 trigrams in a domain describe all 8 possible vp3s. Their 3 levels of polarity deliver 8 different mathematical chords of harmonics across both domains.

And you can also view all 8 trigrams in either domain as a horizontal period 8 window—or hp8 for short. Trigrams appear at the third level of bifurcation outward from the 0-point origin, so they appear at the hp 8 level.


A trigram is a 3-pack of polarized energy expressing the power of a chaos pattern, and any two trigrams can bond into a hexagram, a 6-pack of polarized energy that describes the far more powerful and reliable co-chaos pattern.

Thus a pair of vp3s can bond into a co-chaos pattern, in a math that can be shorthanded by the I Ching hexagrams. All 64 possible combinations = 8 × 8 = 64 hexagrams. Each hexagram is a 6-pack of binary, period-doubling, and exponential numbers that together describe a co-chaos pattern in just 6 lines.

Our own DNA uses the co-chaos paradigm to pair-bond 8 × 8 molecular triplets = 64 basic 6-packs that hold together every DNA double helix carrying the code of life in your body. The I Ching shorthand can code for DNA, and also for RNA’s 64 basic codons that make the amino acids building your body.

Katya Walter

The co-chaos paradigm’s consistency resides in its message, not its recording medium. The message itself—“co-chaos patterning at work”—can appear in any medium that allows a polarized pair of pairs to organize by pair-bonded triplets into 8 × 8 = 64 polarized 6-packs.

DNA uses it to code for the myriad organisms written in molecules on this planet. The universe uses it to code for its own huge body written in graviton pulses.

So much efficiency hides within co-chaos! It has many fractal variants. Its paradigm appears in the I Ching hexagram 6-pack. It appears in the DNA molecular 6-pack; it appears in the quark flavor 6-pack; it appears in the lepton particle 6-pack.

The paradigm also has more broken symmetries that appear to science here in our upper bubble as triplets and octaves in matter and energy—as triads and octaves of elements in chemistry, as triads of particles and octaves of light in physics, even as triads and octaves of sound in music.

Scientists already do interpret bits of the arcane master code in our universe’s physical structure, but they are finding it slowly, piecemeal, often revealed as broken symmetries in triplets and octaves scattered across genetics labs, nonlinear math, and theories of cosmology, relativity, quantum physics, and superstrings.

Katya Walter


It gives stability of form even while allowing its constantly shifting contents to evolve universal life. The analinear math’s polarized, analog resonances and linear, binary units exist across the dp-tree’s layers, and they pack a lot of punch.

Significantly, all the mathematical power of this paradigm can be shorthanded by I Ching trigrams and hexagrams…which in turn can shorthand the genetic code.

The more broken symmetries of this paradigm appear as triads and octaves in matter and energy…for example as triads of particles and octaves of light in physics, as triads and octaves of elements in chemistry, and as triads and octaves of sound in music.

No wonder ancient Chinese philosophers said the I Ching reveals universal mind operating in the way of the Tao!

China’s ancient I Ching followed the way of the Tao. Modern science investigates physical phenomena. Religions invoke divine love. Psychology probes human love. They merge in this paradigm that embraces mind, matter, the motion of physics, and the emotion of humans to reveal the master code.