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PPCCL Symmetry

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P…Parity between space and time
P…Parity between matter and energy
C…Charge reversal for space and time
C…Charge reversal for matter and energy
L…Light speed conjugation of matter and energy

CPT symmetry vs. PPCCL symmetry

The Double Bubble TOE proposes that a fundamental PPCCL symmetry exists in our universe. Its symmetry is far more comprehensive than standard CPT symmetry.

The Double Bubble universe has two conjoined, mirror-twin bubbles. They exhibit mirror-reversed symmetry for the four foundational primals of space, time, matter and energy.

The flip-flop symmetry between both bubbles reverses the extensions of dimensionality for space and time into the true complement of each other.

Dimensionality’s mirror-symmetric flip-flop between both bubbles puts constraints on matter and energy that require them to mirror-reverse their properties between both bubbles, too.

Thus PPCCL symmetry shows the flip-flopped properties and charge for all four foundational primals—space, time, matter and energy—across both bubbles.

In this way, the Double Bubble TOE not only accommodates the CPT particle-wave symmetry of current physics, but also absorbs it into the more comprehensive order of PPCCL symmetry existing across both bubbles.

So much correlation for the universe’s primal polarized pair of pairs reinforces the myriad relationships that make the Double Bubble hologram strong, dependable, and failsafe.

It securely maintains the universal body and mind, while also permitting an ongoing evolution of the contents within its two bubbles, plus it even allows some leeway for free will and error slippage.

PPCCL symmetry swallows CPT symmetry

Compare in more detail the CPT symmetry of current physics with this Double Bubble TOE’s larger symmetry, where all four primals exhibit complementary properties between bubbles.

  • In CPT symmetry, C stands for Charge reversal of particle-waves.

    Charge reversal in physics says that reversing the electrical charge on a matter particle means it’s now antimatter. The Double Bubble TOE agrees with this for any antimatter created here in the upper bubble.

    However, it identifies charge more profoundly, saying that our universe’s first great symmetry-breaking occurred when inflation projected the two conjoined 3D bubbles out beyond the mobic scale, automatically shunting a gravitational pole into each bubble, and thus automatically also sorting and shunting the original matter and antimatter into two separate yet conjoined, polarized bubbles.

    In our upper bubble, 3D space and ½D time hold tardyon particle-waves of original matter and slow energy traveling only up to the speed of light. Matter up here can construct large physical structures that are held together by energy waves coiled in the ½D time arrows moving in a tensor network. In this upper bubble, the omnipresent now experience of our reality continually updates as the arrow of ½D time constantly shoots ahead.

    What is now? This upper bubble’s dimensionality lets your body cavort in 3D space, but confines it to the prison of ever-emergent now. All of the individual nows can be in radically different places, even moving at different speeds, but in each radically different place, it is always perceived as now. No matter how gravitation affects you—or acceleration, which is its functional equivalent—the experiential time is now for everyone and everything…everywhere.

    Meanwhile, in the lower bubble, its ½D spatial constriction long ago crush-converted all the original antimatter into tachyon particle-waves with imaginary-number mass and swift energy traveling only above the speed of light squared.

    Its quick energy powered up and developed the large, complex patterns of a unified, universal mind spread throughout its 3D time. I am not suggesting that this great mind is God.

    It is instead what we call Mother Nature. Its great, unified intelligence creates and sustains the upper bubble’s suns, planets, and living creatures by working through the ultra-tiny pores of the membrane interface—rather like constructing a ship in a bottle. Meanwhile, the lower bubble’s reality continually updates via its half of the tensor network, where its moving arrow of ½D space constantly shoots ahead in omnipresent here. After all, there is no there there.

  • In CPT symmetry, P stands for Parity of particle-waves.

    Parity reversal in physics traditionally says that, symbolically speaking, reversing the spin of a matter particle so it is both upside down and backwards in space signifies that it is now antimatter. This TOE agrees with this regarding any antimatter that is created in this upper bubble.

    However, the Double Bubble offers a more profound symmetry. A matter particle is polarized to occupy 3D space, and its energy waves are polarized to ride coiled in arrows of ½D time. Conversely, an antimatter particle of imaginary-number mass is polarized to occupy ½D space, and its energy waves are polarized to organize in constellating patterns throughout 3D time.

    That’s why antimatter cannot last long in the wrong polarity of this upper bubble. If any antimatter is created in the wrong specs of this upper bubble, it seeks annihilation by finding a matter twin to cancel each other out, disappearing again in a release of energy.

  • In CPT symmetry, T stands for Time reversal of particle-waves.

    Time reversal in physics says that turning a particle into an antiparticle means it goes backward in time, theoretically. But this TOE suggests a more profound symmetry for time. If you consider only the arrowing dynamic that 8-loops across both bubbles of the Double Bubble hologram, you might view that movement as a double torus.

    Thus time’s omnipresent arrow in our upper bubble is only one-half of a huge tensor network that is circulating across both bubbles. Its ubiquitous 8-path moving across both bubbles creates the double torus effect.

    By taking a vertical, two-bubble cross-section of the double torus, you’d find that each vectoring “arrow” is part of an 8-loop in the tensor network that is moving on its continuous dynamic across both bubbles.


This image shows just two of the myriad 8-loops to suggest how the constant, omnipresent arrows together create a tensor network that moves in only one direction—ahead—on its perpetual journey through both bubbles.

You can watch your finger moving in an 8-loop in front of you to see how the arrows rise and fall when navigating through both bubbles.

In our bubble, whether the vector is heading upscale to the outer limit or going back downscale to this bubble’s lower limit, it still reads to us as the omnipresent ½D arrow of time moving only ahead. Ditto for the arrow of space in the lower bubble. Thus the double-torus motion simply cannot go backward. Not now, not ever. That means our time in this bubble can never go backward. (Too bad, sci-fi!)

In our upper bubble, the time torus goes only forward on a orbit rising from the membrane interface up through all 3D space, and then dropping back down again into the membrane interface, reading all the while to us experientially, no matter where we are, as the constant, omnipresent now of ½D time.

Likewise, in the lower bubble, its space torus goes only forward on an orbit dropping from the membrane interface down through all 3D time, and then rising back up to it again, reading all the while to that great, unified mind in the lower bubble as the constant here of ½D space.

Reversing the toroidal motion cannot occur, so in this upper bubble we live in, a newly-created particle of antimatter cannot go backward in time. However, it can appear to.

What? How? In its push against this upper bubble’s time specs, the antimatter particle in effect pauses in time (thus appearing to go back in time) until a matter particle catches up with it, and they mutually annihilate, leaving only some energy waves fleeing the scene.



The Double Bubble’s dimensionality has a two-trident layout that points above and below the mobic scale. The space and time tridents are counterbalanced carriers of their matter and energy cargoes when viewed across both bubbles.


In each bubble, its space and time act as the two carriers. They impose Parity and Charge requirements upon their two cargoes, matter and energy. These counterbalancing specifications across both bubbles enforce a profound mirror-symmetry for all four primals in the Double Bubble universe.

  • a1

    Properties of the two carriers

    3D space volume expands in the upper bubble, but 3D time volume expands in the lower bubble. Stretching across both bubbles from the mobic scale interface is the tensor network, a double torus of 8-loops. Its upper half reads as the ubiquitous arrow of ½D time in the upper bubble; its lower half reads as the ubiquitous arrow of ½D space in the lower bubble.

  • a2

    Space & Time have P & C balance

    Across both bubbles, parity in the dimensional layout gives each bubble a trident of 3.5 dimensions, with polarized charge properties that are mirror-reversed across both bubbles. This flip-flops the layout of the spacetime trident above into that of the timespace trident below. Thus the parity and charge for space and time balance across both bubbles.

  • B1

    Properties of the two cargoes

    The upper bubble’s 3D space carries its mass as tardyon particles bonded into complex 3D structures, but the lower bubble’s ½D space carries its anti-mass as tachyon particles of imaginary number mass.

    The upper bubble carries its energy as tardyon waves coiled in its ½D time arrows, but the lower bubble carries its energy as tachyon waves constellating into complex patterns in 3D time.

    Thus the upper bubble’s lattice of 3D space supports complex structures of 3D matter, while the lower bubble’s flexnet of 3D time supports complex patterns of 3D energy.

  • b2

    Matter & Energy have P & C balance

    Due to the mirror-reversed properties of the space and time carriers across both bubbles , their iterating matter and energy cargoes also exhibit mirror-reversed traits. In this way, the Double Bubble’s PPCCL symmetry indicates a covariance for space, time, energy, and matter across both bubbles. Current physics cannot offer so much symmetry.


The PPCCL of this TOE interprets certain mathematical symmetries in physical properties to reveal an important new symmetry in physics. It follows the example of Einstein, who developed his mathematical concept of spacetime symmetries into a physical principle. He said the main idea behind his theory of general relativity was general covariance. It dealt with an invariance of physical laws under arbitrary differentiable coordinate transformations.

The Double Bubble TOE permits the known laws to be extended below the mobic scale in reciprocal solutions that still conserve the laws of physics. Thus Einstein’s term of general covariance offers a way to generalize the physical laws undergoing reciprocal coordinate transformations between both bubbles. In other words, in this larger view, the Double Bubble TOE describes covariance.

This PPCCL symmetry of the Double Bubble TOE requires serious consideration because the laws of physics in each bubble remain invariant under its combined operations, and the two bubbles are consistent with each other in a reciprocal, covariant, mobic-mirroring way. The laws of physics are conserved between the two bubbles in this TOE. What a pretty PPCCL!

Mr. Pickle