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Double Bubble Universe


A new model for theoretical physics

Double Bubble Universe


A new model for theoretical physics

Understand The Fundamentals Of The

Double Bubble




They are made of the four great primals: space, time, matter, and energy. Our familiar upper bubble has spacetime holding regular matter and energy, along with the known pole of gravitation. The lower bubble has timespace holding antimatter and tachyonic energy, along with the lost pole of gravitation.

We cannot see that other bubble except in theory and the mind’s eye. But conveniently, identical human twins also exhibit mirror-reversed symmetry. One identical twin is right-handed, while the other is left-handed. A cowlick that whorls leftward on one twin’s head reverse into a rightward whorl on the other twin’s head. Identical twins may even have reciprocal teeth rotations with mirror-reversed images of their bitemark patterns.

As with identical human twins, the visible bubble that science sees above the quantum scale can be used to hypothesize the hidden bubble’s mirror-reversed features. The physical laws of our known bubble can help us infer some flip-flopped traits of that mirror-twin bubble stretching on the other side of the graviton scale.

The reversing-mirror symmetry of space, time, and gravitation between the two bubbles can be described by mathematics and the inversion laws of physics. This inversion of properties is a robust trait of the Double Bubble TOE.


Newton’s discoveries carried classical mechanics right up through the 19th century. But that model got swallowed whole at the start of the 20th century by the new, larger scope of standard model of cosmology and the standard model of particles—initiated by Albert Einstein, Max Planck, and others.

However, modern physics is now choking on new, unaccountable data. Dark matter? Dark energy? Missing original antimatter? Accelerating expansion of space? Only one pole of gravitation? How to explain all that? Whatever comes next must absorb the old physics within a new theory that is even more comprehensive and useful.

The Theory of Everything (or TOE) that you’ll see here requires a really big gulp…even all the way to metaphysics. It combines physical, mathematical, and philosophical ways to look at our Double Bubble universe. All three approaches converge in a foundational master code.


The physics of the Double Bubble universe recalls the two domains of the Lorenz attractor…while its mathematical and philosophical aspects recall the ancient Chinese I Ching in math and meaning. The I Ching still influences world culture. In fact, you can spot its 8 trigram symbols on this modern Frisbee.

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The Cosmegg

Current physics sees only the upper bubble, and only above the quantum scale. It cannot actually see down into the tiny quantum scale, much less into the ultra-tiny graviton scale.

This TOE says that far below the quantum scale is the graviton scale. It is where space and time first emerged. There the cosmic egg—or cosmegg—developed a master code to generate the Double Bubble universe. Its pulsing code used two gravitational poles, positive and negative, to establish a fractal co-chaos dynamic that generated a single hourglass cell of dimensionality stretching far above and below the graviton scale. Then the cosmegg replicated that single hourglass cell in the “nothing” around it into myriad hourglass cells.
All the hourglass cells merged holographically into two huge mirror-twin bubbles. The conjoined “wasp-waists” of all the hourglass cells created a mobic membrane at the graviton scale.

Note, it is polarized gravitation, not light photons, that projected the hologram of this Double Bubble universe…which is as real as anything we know.

The conjoined interface at the graviton scale allows data to transfer constantly between both bubbles. A rollicking traffic of communication runs between both bubbles along the mobic bridges of 2D space/2D time in the ultra-tiny pores at the graviton scale.

Current physics sees only the upper bubble, and only above the quantum scale. It cannot actually see down into the tiny quantum scale, much less into the ultra-tiny graviton scale.

We live far above the quantum scale in this familiar upper bubble. Current physics says it has 4 dimensions: 3D space and 1D time. This upper bubble has contiguous 3D space—polarized into three full, coordinating spatial dimensions. It is easy to see that each spatial dimension has two opposing directions—Height: up and down; Width: side to side; Depth: back and forth. So much for 3D space.

Current physics also says our arrow of time is 1D. However, this TOE disagrees. It says our ubiquitous arrow of time is only half a dimension! Why?…because it goes in only one direction—ahead. The time arrow cannot backtrack. It can only shoot forward. Thus it has a to but no fro. So it is only ½D time!

It is worth noting that Einstein was urged by his mentor and former math professor, Hermann Minkowski, to declare the arrow of time a full dimension in special relativity. Why? Because it would validate Minkowski’s own theory of “Minkowski spacetime” as a four-dimensional spacetime manifold. A hesitant Einstein reluctantly agreed to do so upon deciding that viewing time as a full dimension might help him work out a unified field theory. It did not.

Between both bubbles is a membrane interface at the graviton scale. And below that membrane is the conjoined mirror-twin bubble. It is a reversed doppelganger to this bubble we live in far above the quantum scale.

In that other bubble’s timespace, its contiguous 3D time is polarized into three full, coordinating dimensions of time. But its ubiquitous arrow of space is only half a dimension! Why?…because it goes in only one direction—ahead. The lower bubble’s space arrow cannot backtrack. It can only shoot forward. Thus it has a to but no fro. So it is only ½D space!

How many dimensions are in the Double Bubble universe?

Each mirror-twin bubble has 3.5 fractal dimensions…that’s 7 dimensions so far. Plus the membrane interface at the ultra-tiny graviton scale holds the pores of myriad mobic bands that are faced by 2D space and 2D time (a dimensionality that can exist nowhere else, only at this scale). This mobic membrane provides 4 more dimensions of space and time.

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In all, this gives the Double Bubble universe the 11 dimensions favored by most superstring theories. However, these dimensions are not just theoretical variables added to unify forces in Kaluza-Klein style.

Unlike other theories of 11 dimensions, the Double Bubble universe has three subsets of actual dimensionality that cooperate across the whole system. And unlike other theories, these dimensions even provide a balance between space and time!

Since current physics sees only the upper bubble, it cannot perceive the conjoined bubble that stretches far on the other side of the graviton scale, a huge bubble whose features of space, time, matter, and energy are mirror-reversed.

Thus it cannot parallel our 3D space with its 3D time. Nor our matter with its antimatter. Nor our slow tardyonic energy with its zippy tachyonic energy. Nor can it counterbalance our ubiquitous arrow of time in the upper bubble with its ubiquitous arrow of space in the lower bubble.

Nor does current physics yet realize that the time and space arrows are actually the two polarized halves of a single, yet omnipresent dimension that is playing in 8-loops across both bubbles.

All the moving, 8-looping stress vectors, taken together, become a tensor network that circulates constantly across both bubbles. Each moving arrow switches polarity whenever it crosses the membrane interface at the graviton scale between both bubbles—from space to time, or vice versa, 8-looping constantly across the mirror-twin bubbles of this Double Bubble universe.

The mirror-twin bubbles conjoin at a membrane interface of ultra-tiny, mobic pores called mactors. Why that name? Each pore combines traits of a Mobius band and a Lorenz attractor, hence the name of mactor for its dynamic at that ultra-tiny scale.

Think of the Double Bubble universe’s two huge bubbles as something rather like the two domains of a Lorenz attractor. The 3D space and 3D time act as its three ODEs (or Ordinary Differential Equations). They use the moving arrows of ½D time and ½D space to iterate the evolving nonlinear solution of continually emergent universal reality.

Remarkably—due to the constantly revolving warp of the mobic pores at the graviton scale, and also due to reciprocal scaling for space, time, matter, and energy between bubbles—the two bubbles exist inside each other at opposite ends of the sizing spectrum!

Thus our universe is rather like a giant vertical version of a Lorenz attractor that is caught in a Klein bottle. We live in a kleiniverse!